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Company Val plastika has a long tradition since 1962. Company’s main program is processing plastics by injection molding, extrusion and blow moulding. We manufacture products for incrising road safety, such as road side indicators, snow poles, light reflectors,…

Major part of production is producing road side indicator for Slovenian and Austrian, German, Hungarian and Swiss market. In the future we want to expand our sales across Europe and expand range of products. We stare to achieve strict quality standards in production, and keep all the necessary certificates.


The technology requirements for the manufacture of products is the result of developtment in our own high-tech tool making facility with modern CNC machines and top CAD and CAM systems.

The company has a high-grade machine park for extrusion and injection plastic products, and fully automatised line for blowing road side indicators.


Safe on the road with road signs – VAL plastika.

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